Technical Resource - Pectel ECU
The Pectel T2 ECU was commonly used on Formula Ford Zetec racing car's. Acting on specific information from various engine sensors the ECU controls ignition and fuelling with sequential control of 4 high impedance injectors. Please find technical documents as well as wiring drawings. The ECU connects to the rest of the cars general electrical wiring via the "Chassis Split" and to the production Ford Injector loom via the "Engine Split".
Pectel ECU Main Loom Drawing
Pectel T2 Harness "Chassis Split" Informaion
Pectel ECU Main Loom Layout Drawing
Pectel ECU Engine Split Drawing
Pectel ECU Connector Drawing
Pectel ECU Chassis Split Drawing
Pectel ECU HEGO Split Drawing
Pectel ECU Engine Split Layout Drawing
Pectel T2 Product Information
Engine Management System