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The 1800cc Ford Zetec engine was phased in during the 1993 UK Formula Ford Championship, replacing the Kent Crossflow engine which had been used to power the cars since the late 1960's.

A few different production variants of the engine were manufactured with changes mainly to the engine management system and manifolds, however the only type permitted within the Formula Ford regulations is the pre '97 Ford 1800cc 16 Valve (Zetec) in its 130PS form (code RQC or RQB) with nominal bore of 80.6mm and stroke of 88.0mm.

Although the engine must remain almost standard with exception of dry sump lubrication and Engine Management System most engines were professionally built and blue printed by specialist companies such as Scholar, Greenwood and Solas.

The cast iron cylinder block/crank case is of four cylinder inline configuration, whilst all of the other major cast parts are of aluminum alloy, including the cylinder head. Fuelling and ignition are controlled by a motorsports ECU running a controlled map acting on specific information from various engine sensors. Individual electronic injectors provide sequential fuel injection and ignition is provided by a twin coil pack with a wasted spark. There are two camshafts (intake and exhaust) driven by a belt from the front end of the crankshaft, hydraulic valve tappets use the normal engine lubrication oil to take up the clearance between each camshaft lobe and valve stem.

Dry sump lubrication is provided by a dual circuit pump and coolant is circulated by the normal water pump, both are driven by a belt and pulley arrangement, located at the front of the engine.
Pectel ECU Engine Split Drawing
Pectel ECU HEGO Split Drawing
Engine Specification
Engine Torque Wrench Settings
Ford Zetec 1800 Motorcraft 4 Cylinder Coil Pack
The Fuel System
Formula Ford Zetec 130PS Engine Parts List
Spark Plug Removal, Inspection & Renewal
The Oil System
Engine Start Up Sequence / Procedure
Engine Air Filter Change
Engine Management System
Cam Shaft Cap Bearing Loosening Sequence
Cam Shaft Cap Bearing Tightening Sequence
Cylinder Head Bolt Loosening Sequence
Cylinder Head Bolt Tightening Sequence
Cylinder Head Tightening Angle Guage (Printable)