North Sea Formula Ford Championship
A new international series has been launched and will hit the circuits in 2013: The International Formula Ford North Sea Series. Running to Formula Ford Duratec and Zetec regulations, this ensures that the Formula Ford class is and remains the best class for youngsters to learn their trade.

The new series will cater for Formula Ford Duratec and Zetec machines. A logical choice according to organiser Gert Valkenburg: there is no better car for a young driver to develop himself in. The racing itself, getting to understand the technical aspects behind laptimes and the relatively low price all mean that the Formula Ford is a necessary step on the racing ladder for any young driver.” Valkenburg believes that the lower budgets will play a large role in the success of the new series: “We are offering a route where the budget is on an acceptable level. You can do a full season for around 50.000 euro.”

The International Formula Ford North Sea Series will race in four or five countries with six events currently planned at Spa-Francorchamps, Zolder, Zandvoort, Brands Hatch and the Danish circuit of Jyllandsringen. The series will work closely together with the respective national championships which will guarantee large and competitive fields.

“Bringing together the best teams from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain means we will be able to create an excellent series”, says Valkenburg. ”It will run alongside the respective national championships so that our teams will be able to offer international events to drivers for an affordable budget.

“Interest in the International Formula Ford North Sea Series is already booming”, Valkenburg explains. “Showing there is a real market for a series like this.” Teams from five countries have already put forward their names for the new series, a very encouraging start. “We are putting together a very good series. The Formula Ford is without a doubt the best racing car out there for a young driver. If we can combine those qualities with good, strong fields, were are in for an amazing season.”

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