The Monoposto Racing Club has been organising motorsport events for the man in street since 1958 and is now the largest single seater racing club in the UK. A wide verity of cars are catered for and classes are determined on engine size. Formula Ford Zetecs fit into the Mono 1800 class along with MKII Formula Vauxhall Junior's and pre '93 Formula Ford 2000's. Cars can be run in either standard or modified trim although no modifications can be made to the engine, air restrictor or fuel map. in Mono 1800 in 750MC Formula 4 in 750MC Formula 4 at Lydden Hill at the Formula Ford Festival
750 Motor Club - Formula 4
formula_ford_zetec002051.jpg formula_ford_zetec002026.jpg formula_ford_zetec006011.jpg
The prestigious Formula 4 Championship is organised by the 750 Motor Club, it is also a multi class championship with a broad verity of cars eligible. Class C is reserved for cars fully compliant with the latest Formula Ford Zetec regulations. However many of the Class A cars are developed from standard Formula Ford's with front and rear wings, wider tyres and twin carburetors. Formula 4 is also televised on Motors TV.
The small yet friendly South East Motorsport Enthusiasts Club is based at the Lydden Hill race course on the south coast and organises a range of saloon, sports car and single seater races with a mid season visit to Brands Hatch. As the name suggests the SEMSEC Open Single Seater Championship is another multi class championship and Class C is for cars complying with the Formula Ford Zetec regulations. in UK Formula Ford Championship
Formula Free Single Seater Series
The Formula Free series of races are designed to appeal to owners of cars which may no longer comply with other championship regulations. Technical regulations are deliberately minimal. Formula Free is the modern equivalent of the Formula Libre, meaning anything goes. There are 4 classes irrespective of chassis age. The intension is to let owners enjoy their cars, it is not about intense competition or the chasing of points, it is all about enjoyment. in UK Formula Ford Festival