Getting Started
Ever dreamt of being a racing driver? Well... stop dreaming and start racing! Circuit racing is becoming more and more accessible with literally thousands of races taking place each year organised by a variety of clubs and associations with events held around the country at some of Britain's best known and exciting motorsports venues such as Silverstone and Brands Hatch.

For those wishing to begin racing in single seaters, owning and running a Formula Ford Zetec arguably offer's one of the most sensible and cost effective options. Since the Ford Motor company adopted the Duratec engine for its National Championships in 2005 an entire era of cars became available to amateur "Club Drivers".

Formula Ford Zetec's in both standard and modified form are eligible to race in various championships run by amateur friendly clubs such as the Monoposto Racing Club, 750 Motor Club and South East Motor Sports Enthusiasts Club (SEMSEC) as well as having a presence at the annual Formula Ford Festival.
What you will need to get started
National B Motorsports License
Raceware (Suit, Boots, Gloves, Helmet)
Race Car with Dry & Wet Tyres
Suitable Towing Vehicle (Van or Family Saloon)
A Garage to Store & Maintain Your Car
Getting Started
Almost everyone who races with the fore mentioned clubs, regard their motorsport as more of a hobby than a serious sport, that isn't to say competitors don't take things seriously, but with the emphasis firmly on enjoying a safe weekends motorsport, rather than who come first, second and third, novices can be assured of a great weekends racing whatever their skill or experience level.
Maintenance / Setup
Most competitors maintain, prepare and setup their own cars often enlisting the help of a willing friend or relative, that said, you certainly don't need a degree in engineering or a fully kitted out workshop. Unlike a regular road car all of the body work on a single seater can be easily and quickly removed allowing access to all mechanical parts. Most jobs are straight forward and can be completed with simple hand tools.

Unlike many categories the Zetec regulations required engines to be built almost entirely of standard parts and although these were normally assembled by professional companies, this was mainly to achieve a standard of tolerance and balance rather than tuning for power. Electronic fuel injection is provided by using all of the production sensors with a motorsports ECU running a control map to control fuelling and ignition. Coupled with hydraulic tappets, this means a reliable engine requires no fettling or tweaking. A well maintained engine can last for up to five full seasons.

Chassis were built by well known manufacturers such as Van Diemen, Mygale and Ray, these companies are still operating and are still able to supply chassis parts. There is also a thriving second hand market able to supply many items.

For those who don't wish to get their hands quite so dirty there are a number of companies and individuals who offer a range of services from 'on the day' mechanic to full race support, please check out our links page for details. Whatever your preferred approach the Formula Ford Zetec community is a very helpful and friendly one and help is rarely far away.
Unfortunately motorsport is an expensive and involved hobby and although there are no ways to make it cheap there are ways to make it affordable. Nobody racing these cars today are professional racing drivers, they are ordinary people with ordinary jobs and backgrounds.

Please take a look at the accompanying PDF file which give approximate costs for getting started and an approximate seasons running costs. in 750MC Formula 4 in Monoposto at the Festival against an F3000 in the WHT open race! in 750MC Formula 4
Getting Started - The Costs
For more information on getting started in motor sport, visit the MSA Go Motorsort site at
formula_ford_zetec003005.jpg abroad in Portugal in UK Formula Ford Championship in UK Formula Ford Championship
Getting Started - Towing Tips
Start up Guides
Here at we have produced a number of documents to help you get started in club level motorsport. From the costs involved to what to do on race day and how to obtain your race license. Also please follow our link to 'Go Motorsport' the MSA's website dedicated to getting you involved in UK motorsport.